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Print Rules: Three Questions That Matter

In a recent meeting, we bemoaned the current state of affairs in marketing communications which are laser-focused on digital communications platforms. Now, as a print service provider, we are easy targets for claims of bias when it comes to opinions about the importance of print in the marketing mix. But, we think it is  really easy to see the importance by answering three simple questions:

  1. What is the last thing that you have read lately…and what format was it in?
  2. What items are on your kitchen counter or bedroom nightstand?
  3. What media do you NOT mind seeing ads in?

While there are probably some people who have gone fully digital, for most people, then answers to all three questions will lead respondents back to print media. It is a simple matter of math to realize that in most households (and businesses) print remains a highly-visible, sticky and interruptive force when it comes to messaging. Our RSS readers (Zite, Flipboard, etc) are near and dear, but not always in our faces. Banner ads on the web are blithely ignored (just look at the latest click metrics if you do not believe that…), and TV advertising is skipped over by TiVO and The Hopper like low hurdles in a track meet. But magazines, books, memos, letters, cards, direct mail…they tend to sit on our desks, counters, nightstands, etc and call to us to pick them up and at least glance at them before we toss them aside.

It seems so obvious. But apparently, it is not.

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