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Ideation vs. RFQs.

Here’s a provocative opening statement… “Nobody really want to buy print.”

In fact, that is technically true. People don’t really want to buy “print”…they want to buy what print can do well, which is communicate messages to an audience in a powerful and effective way. In fact, in today’s digital market, many marketers are realizing that print is an even more important part of the marketing mix than ever, since it remains a reliable way of creating an interruption in a recipient’s day and grabbing their attention for a few precious moments.

Remembering that simple fact, makes it easy for everyone to stay focused on what is really important about a print job. Often, we get requests to print things that, when we see them, we can see ways to make them better. We do not mean that in a negative way…but rather as a reflection of the fact that so many people ¬†are still not fully aware of all the new tools and techniques that can be used to enhance communications effectiveness and measurement. Creating interactivity on the printed page is now an accepted, but still rarely employed technique for increasing engagement. Adding personal URLs or personalized QR codes is a great way to enhance both relevance and measurement to printed campaigns.

These ideas are part of the arsenal that we can help customers employ…if we are engaged early enough. Which is why we are so vocal in trying to tell our customers that instead of just calling or emailing us the request for quote…we really hope you can call or email us with requests to brainstorm and ideate concepts to make your communications even more powerful.

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